One dose of vaccine contains

The vaccine is designed for prophylactic immunization of clinically health animals againts rabies.

Active Substance:Virus rabiei inactivatum at an amount of NLT 2 IU

natrii chloridiNMT 0,1 mg;
NLT 1,4 mg;
ad 1,0 ml.

per animal dose 1 ml irrespective of species, age, weight and sex of the vaccinated .

Young carnivores born by non-vaccinated dams shall be at the age of 1 month, young animals born by vaccinated, in which colostral immunity can be assumed shal be vaccinated at the age of 5 months. If vaccinated earlier, the vaccination shall be repeated after 4 to 6 weeks. annual vaccination is necessary to keep animals in permanent immunity. In order to maintain a long term immunity, it is advisable to re-vaccinate the animals repeatedly every year. Young even-toed animals and solipeds shall be vaccinated after fading colostral immunity, most species at the age of 3 to 9 months.

Route of Administration:
Pigs should be treated intramuscularly using a dose of 1 ml
Dogs, cats, fur coated animals, sheep, cattle, goats and horses shoul be treated by subcutaneous administration using a dose of 1 ml

Contraindications:The vaccine must not be used for immuzation of animals showing signs of rabies and animals that have come into contact with rabid animals or were injured by them. Animals that have injured a man may be vaccinated only after expiration of the observed period.
The vaccine should be used only for immunization of healthy animals, hence the use of the vaccine is contraindicated in the following cases:
accute illness organ diseases and diseases manifested by fever; development of adverse posr-vaccination reactions or allergy after previous vaccination:
strees due to transport, high ambient temperature excessive physical strain, etc.

Interactions:The vaccine can be used in a modular manner. it can be administered simultaneously or merged with other similar vaccines, however, moderate depression of immune response must be allowed for when a higher number of antigens are administered at the same time.

Shelf Life:The product must competely used proir to expiry as indicated on the label each medicine bottle, i.e. within 24 months from the date of manufacture the product cannot be used after expiration of its shlef life. The vaccine sized 1 vaccination dose in a medicine bottle, i.e. 1 ml must be used immediately after its been opened. Vaccines at volumes exceeding single doses should be used within the time necessary for performance of a necessary number of interventions, however not later than within 10 hours after the medicinal bottle has been opened.

Storage:In a dry and dark place at temperature between 2 to 8 C, prevent from freezing

Presentation:12 x 1 ml, 60 x 1 ml, 1 x 20 ml, 5 x 20 ml, 1 x 50 ml